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District 28 Audio Archives


Long Timers Tell Their Stories

Citrus County Long Timers tell their stories. The stories are in mp3 format and can be heard here. Click on the name to hear the story. Collection of audio tapes of long time sober Citrus AA members continues today.

  • Al F 8-9-14 50 yrs District 28John H 11-7-15 40 yrs Serenity Club
    Al F Again
    John Stone - Founder Sober Sand Gnats - 9th Anniversay Meeting August 13 2016
    Chuck M 2-28-15 Akron AA since 1972
    Ken 45 yrs District 28
    Norm W 01-16 of Danville KY 57 yrs Serenity Club
    Eddie H 3-14 42 yrs District 28
    Patrick G 1-10-15 25 yrs Holder
    Eleanor W 4-19-13 45 yrs Won Rebos Grp
    Vella K 9-19-15 42 yrs Serenity Club
    George G 9-28-13 48 yrs District 28
    Stay Tuned
    George M 12-15-14 40yrs Serenity Club
    More to Come


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    District 28 is an organization of Alcoholics Annonymous Groups in Citrus County, Dunnellon, Inglis/ Yankeetown, and Wahoo. District 28 exists to help those groups carry the message to the alcoholic who still suffers. District 28 is an organization within the General Service Structure of Alcoholics Anonymous and as such is within Area 14 (North Florida) of Alcoholics Anonymous.

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